South Florida CityLink reviews DeliverLean’s gourmet meal delivery service

Knock, Knock! Whose fare?

Boca Raton-based company dishes out fresh food daily to your doorstep

 By Joanie Cox, 10:20 a.m. EST, February 10, 2012
Scott Harris dreams of changing the way Americans eat and he’s determined to deliver that goal one meal at a time. Harris is the president of DeliverLean, a food service that brings healthy, portion-controlled meals to your home.

The idea for DeliverLean sprouted after Harris, who has a computer technology background, decided he needed to eat a more balanced diet.
“I’ve been working out most of my life and carried most of my weight in my midsection,” Harris says. “I was always on the go—eating breakfast sometimes at 2 p.m. I never had time to cook so I hired a chef to make meals for me in my office and we all started losing weight and feeling great.”

Last September, he teamed up with Olga Kuzenkov to develop a way to bring this dining concept to the masses. “My goal was to make it convenient for people to eat healthy, calorically balanced meals every three hours,” Harris says. “The challenge was adding a logistics component and getting the meals to people’s homes and businesses.”

DeliverLean started in Boca Raton and now delivers more than 35,000 meals a month from Jupiter to Miami Beach. Customers are typically on five, six or seven day meal plans. “There’s no one-size-fits-all here. A meal plan is typically catered to be four to five meals a day,” Harris explains. “A typical meal would be 4 ounces of protein, 4 ounces of vegetables and 4 ounces of gluten-free carbs. The food is additive-free, sugar-free, dairy-free and low-sodium.

7 Grain, walnut pancakes with lean turkey sausage

7 Grain, walnut pancakes with lean turkey sausage

DeliverLean also offers options for special diet needs for diabetics, vegetarians, HCG diets, low carb eaters and more. “You don’t get to pick what meals you want but you can tell us what you don’t want,” Harris says. “We’ll send you a variety of items. If you don’t like fish, we’ll never give you fish and if you can’t eat peppers, we won’t ever serve you peppers.”

“About 25-30 percent of our customers eat our meals for weight loss,” Harris says. “The program is designed so you’re eating balanced meals every three hours and you’re feeling satisfied.” While DeliverLean’s customers range from UFC fighters to stay-at-home moms, he also hopes to break into corporate wellness and help entire offices get into eating more nutritionally. “When you look at stats on obesity, many people are grabbing fast food and not paying attention to their diets. They need to eat cleaner foods,” Harris says.“Because the food costs around $5.95 a meal, it’s affordable. And there are no sign up fees. You can start or stop ordering the food at any time.”

When customers have a craving for something sweet, Harris has that covered now too with “Baked By DeliverLean,” which are healthy desserts. “We always try to keep the menu new, fresh and innovative for DeliverLean,” says Harris, whose menu items include items such as protein pancakes with fresh fruit, barbecue chicken wraps, steak with roasted parsnips and kale, cranberry chicken wraps, herb-brushed salmon with apple barley and grilled asparagus and chicken quesadillas.

In addition to focusing on the nutrition and taste of his food, Harris also focuses on food presentation. “When the food arrives in its insulated bag on your doorstep, the presentation is very important to me,” Harris adds. “The food has to look as good as it tastes and it does. Each container is neatly placed in the bag and ready for you to heat and eat.”

While Harris has likened his company as way for customers to have their own personal chef like a celebrity would, his chefs Andrew Whiteman and James Donato have cooked for some very famous faces. Whiteman and Donato formerly worked for private airplane catering and cooked meals for President Barack Obama andJay-Z. “We haven’t done any advertising,” Harris says. “It’s all word of mouth and people are definitely telling their friends about us. It’s all about eating clean. I truly want to revolutionize the way people eat.”

DeliverLean Corporate Headquarters is located at 129 N.W. 13TH St, Suite 33, in Boca Raton. For more information on the program, call 888-730-5326 or visit

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