DeliverLean is Proud to Introduce our Director of Corporate Sales; Peter Cianci


DeliverLean is so excited about all of our newest additions to the DeliverLean family. As we expand, we would are going to start focusing a lot on “corporate wellness.” At DeliverLean, we understand how difficult it is for the working professional to find time to eat, let alone – eat well. Because of this, we pride ourselves in the fact that we make it convenient for you to live a healthy, balanced life.

DeliverLean would like to welcome and introduce Peter Cianci a recent member of our “Lean” team! Peter joins us to lead our corporate wellness program, furthering our commitment to bringing healthy meals to your valued workforce.

After years of hi-tech experience in Silicon Valley with leading edge technology companies, he decided to redirect his career to align more with his undeniable passion for nutrition, fitness and overall healthy lifestyle. His passion and desire to help everyone see the value that proper nutrition offers, makes him a perfect addition to our team!

“Poor health impacts the most precious asset a company has – it’s employees! The effectiveness and performance of human capital largely depends on health and health begins with what we put in our bodies, in addition to exercise and a positive mental attitude”, Mr. Cianci explains. “The workplace is an ideal environment to address and even prevent these health issues that transcend into the homes of your valued employees. DeliverLean is a simple, convenient and delicious alternative to typical meal time choices, especially for people with demanding schedules and who just don’t have the time to prepare calorically balanced, nutritious meals.”

If you are interested in having DeliverLean as the provider for your office meals, Peter is your guy! He will be attending all office luncheons, promoting all of the amazing benefits your business would receive from using our services.

7 Reasons Why a Corporate Meal Plan Makes Sense:

  • Healthy eating leads less absenteeism
  • Improved moral
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower health care costs
  • Increased company loyalty
  • No after lunch lethargy
  • Workers stick around longer, adding more value

Contact Peter for more information on our corporate meal programs at (561) 807-6092 or

About DeliverLean

Nutritionist // Marketing Manager for DeliverLean

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