Superfood Spotlight: Protein Pancakes

Superfood Spotlight: Protein Pancakes


This morning at DeliverLean, we enjoyed delicious protein pancakes for breakfast. Protein pancakes are a favorite here at DeliverLean, and are often seen on our menu once every two weeks. So what makes these pancakes so delectable? There are a variety of amazing ingredients here that help contribute.

The five main ingredients are oatmeal, cottage cheese, quinoa flour, berries, and nuts.  The cottage cheese is the protein super-star in this dish, with around 12grams per serving. Cottage cheese is the perfect healthy-baking alternative, as it is incredibly versatile. This is because while cottage cheese is high in protein, it is still low in calorie, fat, and sugar.

Combined with Oatmeal, these pancakes become one of the healthiest breakfasts around. Keri Gans, a registered dietitian in New York City and author of The Small Change discusses the combination of the two on TIME: Healthland. “I get fiber from the oats, protein and calcium from the milk and cottage cheese, and healthy fat from the seeds. The combo keeps me satisfied until lunch,” states Gans.

Furthermore, the berries, quinoa flour help stabilize the pancake and create an ideal end result. The DeliverLean protein pancakes are significantly healthier than traditional pancakes, yet still taste astonishingly similar. Join DeliverLean today, so you can try our amazing protein pancakes, and all of our other delicious meals.  Let us help you enjoy eating healthy with diet delivered meal plans!

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