A Day in the Life of a DeliverLean Nutritionist

Ever wonder how your DeliverLean diet delivery meals get from our kitchen to your fork? People often ask us what goes on behind the scenes, so today I thought I’d give you a sneak peek into the nutrition side of this whole production.

It all starts with our famous menu.  Chefs Andrew and James brainstorm to come up with unique and tasty recipes for you to enjoy. Lately, they’ve been working on expanding the Paleo options. If you’re one of our Paleo clients, you may have noticed an extra in-between meal on your menu! Aside from new selections, they also listen to your feedback and include meals you’ve told us you love.

Once the menus are complete, they get passed along for me to butcher review, which looks something like this:

I analyze the recipes, and adjust portions so they fit our calorie and nutrient parameters. I also provide guidance in terms of the ingredients we use and the balance of our meals. If they seem too carbohydrate heavy or lacking in vegetables, we try to re-work them. Our goal with the Traditional meal plan is to keep the meals around 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat. Paleo meals will have a lower carbohydrate percentage since we omit grains. Creating meals and recipes that work individually but can still be produced in large quantities is quite a challenge sometimes!

Once the menus have been finalized, production can begin on your long awaited meals. This is the part I leave to the experts. We typically work at least one week ahead of time, so the meals I’m analyzing today will be on your menu at the end of next week. Curious about your upcoming selections? Welllll, I may or may not see a Chipotle Steak & Mushroom Quesadilla in your future. For my Paleo friends, how do Shrimp Cakes with Spinach Slaw & Coconut Almond Dressing sound? Yep, that’s what I thought.

We leave the rest up to you! Enjoy your meals, and give us your feedback. Not only do we love hearing from you, but your feedback will help us decide what to put on the menu next. Questions? Comments? Feel free to email me at eunice@deliverlean.com.

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Nutritionist // Marketing Manager for DeliverLean

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