Life After hCG: Our DeliverLean Guide to Long-Term Success!


One of the five delivery meal plan options that we have at DeliverLean is our HCG Plan. Before I get into the details associated with HCG maintenance, I wanted to touch on our plan and the diet itself.

hCG stands for Human chorionic gonadotropin, and it is a hormone that is actually produced during pregnancy. Its main function involves guaranteeing that a developing fetus receives the correct amount calories and nutrients for growth. Moreover, if a pregnant woman for some reason does not consume the proper amount of nutrients for fetal development, the hCG hormone will allow for the fat reserves to suffice. Therefore, the woman is less likely to be hungry, as their body feels as though it has obtained all of the proper nutrients.

HCG treatments have become the latest trend in instant weight-loss, as the average person loses 1-3 pounds per day. Each round of treatment lasts a minimum of 26 days, and 23 of those days require a daily dose of hCG, either through injections or under-the-tongue drops. This is then accompanied by a VLCD (very low calorie diet.) Where most low calorie diets cause painful hunger pangs, the hCG injections do not.

The dieter is restricted to 500 calories per-day. At DeliverLean our HCG plan consists of 2 meals daily. Each meal contains 100 grams of lean protein sources and 3 ounces of fresh, non-starchy vegetables. We make it easy and convenient for our hCG clients to stick to their plan, and see the results they deserve.

So what happens after your 26 days are up? You’ve worked so hard to lose that weight that you owe it to yourself to keep the weight off! At DeliverLean, we will assign you with your own nutritional liaison that will help you ease off of the program slowly and effectively, promoting long-term weight-loss success. Moreover, this program will continue to change as your body becomes accustomed to its new needs, eventually allowing you to enjoy all of the foods that you once loved in a lighter, healthier manner!

Call DeliverLean today and ask to speak with either Eunice or Alli about our hCG programs!

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