Melissa Jablonski from Lifetime’s “The Balancing Act,” weighs in on DeliverLean!


“Over the last 20 years I have spent a great portion of my life dieting.  It was not until I was chosen as a contestant to be on The Balancing Act’s Health and Wellness Makeover that I realized I was ready for a lifestyle change.  At almost 40 years old(In August) I feel healthier than ever.  Since our journey began I am down 46lbs and currently leading the women in weight loss.  My beginning weight was 251 and today I am 205. The two main tools I have in place are my food and my trainer.

Deliver Lean has offered an amazing variety of foods to eat.  There food is so inviting that I have tried everything.  Even the foods I do not normally care to eat.  Chef James has worked with us and shown us easy and tasty recipes that I can make at home. As a single mother, I have never cooked for my daughter and I because I did not find it easy to cook such small amounts but with the help and support of Deliver Lean I have learned ways to control my portions and cook foods Ashley and I can enjoy.

My trainer Troy J Hines, has also been helpful and supportive of this process. He too has enjoyed the Deliver Lean meals and we have worked very closely together to ensure meal time success.

The Deliver Lean staff has been so helpful and encouraging.  I really appreciate them and what they have done to save my life!”

About DeliverLean

Nutritionist // Marketing Manager for DeliverLean

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