Could Your Teen be at Risk for Heart Disease?

Could Your Teen be at Risk for Heart Disease?


Did it ever occur to you that your adolescent could be at risk for heart disease due to being overweight or obese?  According to a study published in the Pediatrics Journal (hyperlink to May AL, et al “Prevalence of cardiovascular disease risk factors among US adolescents, 1999 – 2008” Pediatrics 2012;129(6):1035.), this is true.  Childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years.  More than one third of teens are overweight and obese, which puts them at risk for various medical conditions.  In fact, there is shocking evidence that overweight and obese adolescents, had a higher number of risk factors for heart diseases, (Hyperlink to blogs for:  Teens and High Cholesterol, Teens and High Blood Pressure, and Teens and Diabetes) as compared to their normal weight peers.

Nearly half (49%) of the overweight and 61% of the obese teens had one or more heart disease risk factors.  Obese teens with a Body Mass Index (BMI) (hyperlink to Teen BMI blog) of 30 kg/m2or more showed damage to the structure and function of their hearts.  These are early signs of heart failure, and may set your teen up for cardiac disease as an adult.

Clearly, proper nutrition and lower physical activity levels are the culprits in the increase of teen obesity.  Studies have shown the importance of helping your teen develop healthy eating habits to reverse the chronic health conditions that obesity sets up.  DeliverLean makes it easy for you to offer your teen healthy, nutritious diet delivery meals that even they will enjoy.  You just might be saving your child’s life.

By Dr. Emile Allen, M.D.

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