Afrika Perry – The Power 96.5 Morning Show!


Afrika Perry, radio personality from 96.5 has been eating DeliverLean for the past two weeks now and she absolutely loves it! Check out this amazing blog post she wrote about her experience thus far. You can catch Afrika on the power 96 morning show from 6:00am – 10:00am Monday – Fridays. Thank you Afrika! 

Ok I admit it…

Miami has me spoiled. The weather, beautiful people, the culture, and most of all….the beach. Ah yes…the beach. I moved a block from the beach about a year ago. It’s the kind of lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of having…

I live in a tropical paradise. I can walk to the beach anytime I want…I do believe I’m living the life. 🙂

And with all this you would think a girl could throw a meal or two together sometimes…right? Well, yes and no. I mean I’m a Southern woman, of COURSE I CAN cook, I just don’t WANT to.

And that doesn’t make me lazy. First of all, I’m single and I could never cook a portion for just me. I over cook, that’s what I do. And then, it’s sad. I always hated those cooking books called ‘Cooking for ONE’. (No offense to those who have that book).

I mean, I would much rather just pick something up than taking time to cook or much less….go the GROCERY STORE.

I will say that THAT is one of the things that I dislike to do the most. It’s just. not. fun. And so, what do you do if you notice your pants are fitting a little tighter because of all the wine and steaks at dinner? You get a meal delivery service…

Or at least thats what I DID. Not only are there so many things to do in Miami, I want to be able to DO THEM without feeling listless, and tired all the time. Which we All know has a great deal to do with our diets.

Enter Deliver Lean…

I called them after a seeing a few tricked out looking trucks on 95…(yes, I will admit the packaging got me). But the product is what KEEPS me here.

I was always skeptical of how meal services worked…would I like the food? Will I starve and will it feel like I’m deprived all the time? And I’m happy to report that NONE of these things have been an issue.

I’m feeling better and eating better than I ever have in my life….and oh yeah, the food? Delish.

I have attached a picture of a dish I got from them….and let me just say, my food looks a lot better than some stuff I see people cooking and posting on Instagram. #justsayin

So yeah, call me ….Lazy, or just call me Smart.  

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