Alkalinity demystified!

With the launch of DL Juice I’ve been entrenched in juicing lately – literally I’m obsessed. A majority of my week last week was spent researching the benefits of the various organics vegetables we’ve been using and the benefits of the actual art of juicing.

Let me tell you, In school they teach us NOTHING about holistic medicine. Everything is textbook nutrition – highly influenced by The USDA guidelines. I was never educated on alternative medicine until after graduation, and the more I’ve learned, the more interested I’ve become.

One of my favorite benefits of juicing is the fact that it balances out our bodies’ alkalinity. Alkalinity has become somewhat of a buzzword lately, but not many people know what it actually entails. Our bodies’ pH levels can either be described as acidic or alkaline. The body works best when it is in a state of homeostasis – a state of equilibrium, or balance in our bodies. In order to achieve that balance you must have a blood pH that is slightly alkaline.

Most individuals are more acidic than alkaline. Meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, cheese, milk, and salt all produce acid, so the introduction and dramatic rise in our consumption of these foods meant that the typical Western diet became more acid-producing.When our bodies are more acidic than alkaline we are MUCH MORE susceptible to disease. Those of us that are more acidic suffer from lack of energy, excessive mucous production, nasal congestion, frequent colds and flu, anxiety, nervousness, irritability, ovarian cysts, polycystic ovaries, benign breast cysts and headaches.

What I’ve discovered is that simple dietary changes can bring our bodies to the right pH level and give us the vitality we need. By eating more fruits and vegetables we alkalinize our bodies and promote the wellbeing from within. Some of the best ones to try are lemons, limes, oranges, apples, cucumbers, celery, all leafy greens, raspberries and blueberries, just to name a few. You can either eat them raw or juice them, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing here at DeliverLean. With a high demand for our juices I am happy to share that we are now adding more juices to our menu so we can include all of the fruits and veggies I just mentioned. And just as a personal favorite, I want to share my new favorite – “Apple Pie” juice. It tastes just like a dessert, but it won’t give you a cavity!”

So cheers to your health and bottoms up!

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