The holiday season is upon us and it is time for attending parties, enjoying the twinkle lights, spreading holiday cheer and unfortunately sometimes spreading oh those famous winter colds and flus. This year, I hope you skip the latter and get to enjoy all the great times with family and friends instead. And to help you ward off the viruses that may be lurking around, I want to suggest incorporating my top 5 herbs and spices into your daily life to help you stay germ-free.




1. Garlic – Great for fighting viruses, reducing cholesterol, lowering blood pressure and fighting cancer. Garlic promotes the well-being of the heart and immune systems with antioxidant properties and helps maintain healthy blood circulation. (TIP: I suggest eating garlic with something rich food such as nuts, little bit of oil or hummus, otherwise you may get indigestion)


2. Tumeric – Potent anti-inflammatory, great for digestion, enhancing liver function and fights cancer cells. Also used for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s prevention. (TIP: Sprinkle a teaspoon in your water and drink as a shot before a meal to help digestion and boost your immune system)


3. Ginger – Has anti-inflammatory properties and helps protect against bacteria and fungi. Also eliminates intestinal gas and relaxes and soothes your intestinal tract, while boosting your immune system. Great for fighting colds and boosting metabolism. (TIP: Add some grated Ginger to your hot tea for an extra boost)


4. Oregano -It’s properties include: anti viral, anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti parasitic, anti oxidant, anti inflammatory, digestive, emenagogue and anti allergenic. The active agent is rosmarinic acid, a strong antioxidant. (TIP: I love to use Oil of Oregano. When I have a sore throat, I put a few drops in water to gargle with)


5. Cayenne Pepper – Increases metabolism by immediately influencing the venous structure. It is nothing short of amazing with its effects on the circulatory system as it feeds the vital elements into the cell structure of capillaries, veins, arteries and helps adjust blood pressure to normal levels. (TIP: I like to put a little bit of Cayenne Pepper in my water with lemon and honey. It is great for breaking up mucus and easing up congestion)


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