Motivation advice from one of our clients


A few weeks ago I met one of our clients – Brett, and we had a great conversation about life, food and weightloss that I wanted to share with you. Heavy since he was a kid, Brett has tried it all – from conventional diet plans and fat-loss camps. Yet nothing helped long-term. Feeling alone and frustrated he would gain weight back almost as fast as he lost it, so he almost gave up on his journey until July 2012 when he learned about DeliverLean. Even though he was hesitant at first, Brett realized he got nothing to lose except for 300 pounds, so he signed up. After just 3.5 months into it he has shed 60 pounds and is motivated to continue on to reach his goal. Here are Brett’s 3 tips to staying motivated and losing the extra weight:

  1. Get support. Doing it alone is not fun. It is very hard and lonely. He attributes his success so far to DeliverLean’s team and coaching from our nutritionist. Brett knows that doing it together with other people who care about him gives him lots of strength.
  2. Get educated. Brett loves that DeliverLean’s meals are teaching him about portion control and balance. Now when he goes out he knows what his meals are supposed to look like, so he can still enjoy occasional restaurant food without overeating. He is also loving the taste of the food as it gets most of his cravings satisfied.
  3. Get moving. While it is 80% about the diet, it is also 20% about exercise. Brett has seen that working out just 3 times a week can boost the metabolism, increase muscle mass and help shed fat. But he does advise that (from his personal experience) working out with a trainer is much more motivating than doing it alone. He knows he is in great hands with the team from IMPACT Sports Performance in Boca Raton.


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