3 Tips for Keeping New Year’s Resolution

It’s a well-known fact that the most popular New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. It is also a well-known fact that most people fail in their efforts in the first few weeks because it’s simply too hard to resist cravings especially those for sugar and processed foods. Yes, while in the beginning it may be a little challenging, once you change your approach to your cravings it can be smooth sailing.

Did you know that on a physical level, sugar is known to be 4 times more addictive than cocaine? No wonder so many people simply have trouble going without their daily sugar rush.

Besides being physically addicted, many people are looking to experience sweetness in their lives on an emotional level. Because so many of us have busy schedules, we sometimes forget to focus on our emotional selves. Consequently, we end up starved for happiness and become addicted to sweets for the emotional support they provide.

In order to end your battle with sugar once and for all, follow these 3 easy steps and start feeling better in no time!

1. Make a list of all the reasons why you want to kick your sugar habit. Write down how sugar makes you feel and what life will be like once you don’t have this addiction. Imagine releasing those extra pounds and fitting into your skinny jeans! Picture yourself having more energy to play with your kids, grandkids or pets.

2. Make a list of foods that you love to eat that don’t have any sugar. Prepare them as decadent and as delicious as you can. The point here is not only to take the destructive sugar out, but to bring new foods in. That’s the premise here at DeliverLean – to help you eat well and be healthy. Truly great food should make you look and feel fabulous, not flabby.

3. Make a list of activities that make you happy. One of our clients lists activities such as playing with her dog, shopping for new clothes, burning her favorite candles or smelling fresh flowers. The goal is to bring more sweetness into your life, without food. Remember when you fell in love? You weren’t thinking about brownies and ice cream because your days were filled with the sweetness of romance. Now it’s your turn to create that loving feeling and replace sugar impulses with it.

Post these lists everywhere in your kitchen – they will help you avoid eating on impulse.

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