Planning ahead – tips to save you time during the week


Time is money and at DeliverLean we are committed to helping our clients get the most of their day by providing them with nutritious food, thus freeing up hours from grocery shopping, cooking, measuring and packing. Today we want to share our tips and tricks that you can use at home to save you time and ultimately, money!

1. Cook Sunday – Eat All Week! The best way to save time is to spend 2 hours on Sunday on preparing your meals for the week. You can have all 4 stove burners and the oven cooking at the same time, so everything is done at the same time. Once the food is cooked, portion is out, place into to-go containers and refrigerate or freeze for later.

2. Buy pre-washed lettuces and veggies to use in cooking during the week. Yes, the pre-washed produce may be more expensive, but if buying it ensures you eat healthy meals instead of frozen TV dinners, then spend extra money on that produce. Research shows that we are more likely to reach for the veggies if they are all chopped and ready to be eaten.

3. Avoid seasoning your starches and proteins that you will be eating at home later. Leave the food plain and then season it when you are ready to eat. This way, a plain chicken and rice can become “Curry Chicken & Rice” on Monday, “Tandoori Chicken & Rice” on Tuesday, “Garlic Chicken & Rice” on Wednesday etc. This is also a great tool to satisfy several family members – let everyone pick their favorite herbs and spices to season their meals.

4. Use your blender and food processor. Want to save time on prepping? Use slicing and shredding blades for your veggies. For example, throw in simple ingredients like fruits, berries and some leafy greens into the blender for a filling and satisfying green smoothie. Dinner can also be done in minutes when you use time-saving kitchen tools.

5. Get some fast food! No, we don’t mean McDonalds. We are talking about true fast food – fruit. For a quick snack on-the-go, grab a banana (only 18 cents each, talking about money-saving!), an orange or an apple, or all three for a nutritious meal. Fruit is easy to grab-and-go and it is good for you!

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