Why buying local produce is important


Buying local produce is one of the latest trends in the health world! There are now large sections in Whole Foods that feature local produce, and many restaurants are even beginning to offer from farm-to-table options. At DeliverLean, we are very committed to buying as many local products as possible! Here are our top five reasons why we believe everyone should try to buy local as often as possible.


Freshness and Sustainability

Local products don’t have to travel very far to reach your table, and due to the short transient time, you will receive the freshest foods available.  You can also reduce your carbon imprint because of the lower gas usage.



Because of the lower logistic costs, local products can be found at lower prices than the ones shipped from across the country. As a result, we are able to keep our own costs down and share these savings with you!


Supporting the community

When you shop local, you are supporting businesses that give back to your local economy with their taxes. As a result, those tax dollars go back to the support of your community and your local causes.


We help create jobs

When you support local businesses, you create more demand for their goods and therefore create more jobs to fulfill the demand.



Entrepreneurship is what America was built on and it is how we grow as a country. DeliverLean was founded by two passionate entrepreneurs and we want to support other businesses like ours. We hope you do as well!


Celebrity Diets We Love


Jessica Biel – Eats Every Three Hours

Jessica Biel follows the 3-Hour Diet of eating every three hours (six meals daily.) Jessica avoids processed foods at all costs, and splits her day into small meals of protein and carbs, with vegetables added in whenever possible. She also treats herself to dark chocolate if she is craving sweets!

Miley Cyrus – Gluten Free

Last April, Miley Cyrus was turning heads, sporting a new svelte figure she credited to her new gluten-free lifestyle. “Everyone should try no gluten for a week. The change in your skin, physical and mental health is amazing,” Cyrus exclaimed to her twitter followers!

Nicole Richie – One Greens Juice a Day

Nicole Richie describes herself as a juice fanatic! “I don’t go a day without a Greens Juice – kale, spinach, celery, cucumber and romaine. It’s actually really good!” Richie loves to drink her greens juices on the go so she always has a boost of energy while she’s running around. 

Guilt-Free Cheating!


Have you ever had one of those days when you were consistently eating clean and then all of a sudden, you just wanted to throw in a towel and indulge? Well, it turns out you are human! It is completely normal to want to cheat on your food and knowing that can open a whole new world of stress-free possibilities!

At DeliverLean we realized that early on, which is why we encourage our clients only eat our food six days a week. We WANT our clients to have a day of eating whatever they like so they don’t feel they are on a “diet”. Think about how much you each during the week – if you are eating 3 meals a day, that’s 21 meals a week. So, if you indulge during 2 meals a week, that’s only 10%!

To help you stop feeling guilty, think about your work-week. You work some and then you play some. If you worked all the time, you would get burned out and would want to quit. The same with food! You gotta eat clean most of the time, so your body works properly, and at the same time it is ok to “cheat” so that you can relax and unwind!

If you are curious about 3 ways of handling some of your intense cravings, check out the blog post at OnJuice.com (link here to the cravings post). You may be surprised how easy it can be to prevent some of them!