About DeliverLean



A company aimed at improving the lives of others through health and nutrition could only be built on the foundations of passion and determination. Long before DeliverLean served its first meal, Founder and CEO Scott Harris was visualizing his dream of founding a wellness corporation that not only teaches people how to eat correctly but also provides them with the tools needed to maximize their health by healing themselves from the inside out. Health, not weight-loss is Harris’ first prize!

Harris’ passion was largely intensified and inspired when his idea to provide his office staff with healthy, nutritious meals cooked on-site by a dedicated chef yielded remarkable results. He immediately noticed improvements in the work ethic and energy levels of his team and it was with this encouraging proof in mind that DeliverLean was born. In 2011, together with co-founder Olga Kuzenkov and an enthusiastic group of individuals, Harris acted on this vision and established the DeliverLean brand. The ultimate goal of the company is to change lives by marrying health and convenience to form a unique and personalized wellness experience. DeliverLean specializes in creating freshly prepared, healthy, portion controlled meals with door to door delivery. Aside from the culinary expertise and the convenience factor, DeliverLean has the support of world class health industry leaders. The programs are all backed by top physicians, nutritionists, dietitians and fitness experts.

From day one, DeliverLean enjoyed rapid and tremendous growth. Service quickly extended from as far North as Jupiter, FL to as far south as Kendall, FL.

Under the meticulous guidance of executive chefs James Donato, Andrew Whiteman and Ku Castano, DeliverLean continues to dominate the industry as a trusted and reliable wellness program. Despite the considerable growth of the company, the high quality of service has never been compromised. DeliverLean consistently provides clients with gourmet meals from only the highest caliber ingredients. With dynamic and exciting menus that are always changing, the DeliverLean chefs are serious about incorporating exotic and exciting flavors into their meals.

The plan offers a wide variety of meal programs including Traditional, Paleo / Low-Cal, Gluten-Free, Organic and HCG Diet options. Today, DeliverLean not only boasts the freshest, healthiest and leanest meals available, but also includes a DL Juice line. DL Juice was launched in September 2012 and offers a liquid solution to health, detox, cleansing and overall nutrition. The juices are cold-pressed with only 100% organic, raw fruits and vegetables. With over 10 fresh flavors to choose from and plenty more to come, DL juices can be purchased separately or incorporated into clients’ meal plans.

And just when you thought a health and wellness corporation couldn’t get any better, DeliverLean introduces Baked by DL, which is a full line of decadently delicious, low-fat, low-sugar, diabetic friendly desserts that include gluten-free menu items. Baked by DL can be added onto existing plans or bought in bulk.

Each of the DeliverLean programs are flexible and can be easily integrated into any routine or on-the-go schedule.

In addition to the variety, superior quality and exquisite flavors, the DeliverLean programs are all highly customizable. To determine which plan is best suited to the individuals lifestyle, clients need only call the friendly and highly trained customer service center. Once a client has signed up, their wellness representative is assigned and is able to assist every step of the way. This added support structure strengthens the DeliverLean promise to offer a service that is as easy to follow as it is to enjoy!

2012 will see expansion to the northeast and in 2013, DeliverLean goes national! Watch this space – as you shrink, we grow!

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