From the DeliverLean Recipe Vault: Greek Yogurt Peanut Butter-Chocolate Smoothie

It seems like we have inspired you all to get in the kitchen! There have been quite a few recipe requests on our Facebook page recently, so we decided to start a recipe series featuring our chefs’ (and your) favorite recipes. It took a little coercing, but I was able to score one of the most asked for recipes: our delectable Peanut Butter Chocolate Smoothie. Check it below:

Greek Yogurt Peanut Butter-Chocolate Smoothie

(makes one 8-oz serving)


4 oz Greek yogurt (plain, nonfat)

1/2 Tbsp agave nectar or honey

¼ cup unsweetened apple juice or water

¼ medium banana

1 Tbsp peanut butter

½ tsp cocoa powder


-Combine all ingredients in blender. Add more or less liquid depending on the consistency you prefer. Serve immediately.

Nutrition Information: 247 calories, 15 g of protein, 30 g of carbohydrates, 8 g fat, 120 mg sodium

There you have it. Simple, convenient, and of course, delicious. In terms of nutrition, Greek yogurt is the star of this smoothie. We are big fans of Greek yogurt around here, so you will see it featured in all of our smoothies and parfaits. It is higher in protein, lower in carbs and lower in sodium that regular yogurt.  All pluses in our book!

The best thing about this recipe is that it’s so easily adaptable. If you substitute water for the apple juice, you’ll save 30 calories and 7 grams of carbs. If you don’t like chocolate or peanut butter, swap them out for your favorite fruits. One of our other smoothie recipes features banana and blackberries instead. The possibilities are endless. And awesome.

And so begins our DeliverLean Recipe Vault series. We are counting on you for your feedback and suggestions! If there is a recipe you would like to see featured comment below or post it on our Facebook page.


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Featured DeliverLean Menu Item: Gluten-Free Coconut Chia Tofu Waffles

Did you try our Gluten-Free Coconut Chia Tofu Waffles earlier this week?

We were excited to incorporate these waffles into our menu, and from the feedback we received, it sounds like you were excited about them too!

Here’s a little more info about our latest breakfast creation:

A serving of two waffles contains 130 calories, 9 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber. They are gluten-, flour-, egg-, preservative- and lactose-free, which makes them a great choice for those of you with food sensitivities. The main ingredients include non-GMO tofu, chia seeds, flax seeds, gluten-free rolled oats and coconut milk. We top them off with fresh berries and walnuts for an additional antioxidant and omega-3 boost.

But enough about the food facts, how did they taste? Based on the exclusive taste tests we did here at the office, we loved their light, fluffy texture and the fact that they have so much flavor all on their own. Delicious.

So what did you think? We’d love to hear your feedback! If you didn’t get a chance to try them last time, I happen to know our Gluten-Free Banana Tofu Waffles will appear on next week’s menu. Enjoy them and give us your thoughts!

**If you have any questions or comments about our meals or nutrition information, feel free to email our nutritionists, Eunice ( or Alli (

Our meal plans come in different varieties and all offer diet delivery breakfast options.

A Day in the Life of a DeliverLean Nutritionist

Ever wonder how your DeliverLean diet delivery meals get from our kitchen to your fork? People often ask us what goes on behind the scenes, so today I thought I’d give you a sneak peek into the nutrition side of this whole production.

It all starts with our famous menu.  Chefs Andrew and James brainstorm to come up with unique and tasty recipes for you to enjoy. Lately, they’ve been working on expanding the Paleo options. If you’re one of our Paleo clients, you may have noticed an extra in-between meal on your menu! Aside from new selections, they also listen to your feedback and include meals you’ve told us you love.

Once the menus are complete, they get passed along for me to butcher review, which looks something like this:

I analyze the recipes, and adjust portions so they fit our calorie and nutrient parameters. I also provide guidance in terms of the ingredients we use and the balance of our meals. If they seem too carbohydrate heavy or lacking in vegetables, we try to re-work them. Our goal with the Traditional meal plan is to keep the meals around 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat. Paleo meals will have a lower carbohydrate percentage since we omit grains. Creating meals and recipes that work individually but can still be produced in large quantities is quite a challenge sometimes!

Once the menus have been finalized, production can begin on your long awaited meals. This is the part I leave to the experts. We typically work at least one week ahead of time, so the meals I’m analyzing today will be on your menu at the end of next week. Curious about your upcoming selections? Welllll, I may or may not see a Chipotle Steak & Mushroom Quesadilla in your future. For my Paleo friends, how do Shrimp Cakes with Spinach Slaw & Coconut Almond Dressing sound? Yep, that’s what I thought.

We leave the rest up to you! Enjoy your meals, and give us your feedback. Not only do we love hearing from you, but your feedback will help us decide what to put on the menu next. Questions? Comments? Feel free to email me at

DeliverLean is Proud to Introduce our Director of Corporate Sales; Peter Cianci


DeliverLean is so excited about all of our newest additions to the DeliverLean family. As we expand, we would are going to start focusing a lot on “corporate wellness.” At DeliverLean, we understand how difficult it is for the working professional to find time to eat, let alone – eat well. Because of this, we pride ourselves in the fact that we make it convenient for you to live a healthy, balanced life.

DeliverLean would like to welcome and introduce Peter Cianci a recent member of our “Lean” team! Peter joins us to lead our corporate wellness program, furthering our commitment to bringing healthy meals to your valued workforce.

After years of hi-tech experience in Silicon Valley with leading edge technology companies, he decided to redirect his career to align more with his undeniable passion for nutrition, fitness and overall healthy lifestyle. His passion and desire to help everyone see the value that proper nutrition offers, makes him a perfect addition to our team!

“Poor health impacts the most precious asset a company has – it’s employees! The effectiveness and performance of human capital largely depends on health and health begins with what we put in our bodies, in addition to exercise and a positive mental attitude”, Mr. Cianci explains. “The workplace is an ideal environment to address and even prevent these health issues that transcend into the homes of your valued employees. DeliverLean is a simple, convenient and delicious alternative to typical meal time choices, especially for people with demanding schedules and who just don’t have the time to prepare calorically balanced, nutritious meals.”

If you are interested in having DeliverLean as the provider for your office meals, Peter is your guy! He will be attending all office luncheons, promoting all of the amazing benefits your business would receive from using our services.

7 Reasons Why a Corporate Meal Plan Makes Sense:

  • Healthy eating leads less absenteeism
  • Improved moral
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower health care costs
  • Increased company loyalty
  • No after lunch lethargy
  • Workers stick around longer, adding more value

Contact Peter for more information on our corporate meal programs at (561) 807-6092 or

SuperFood Spotlight – Moroccan Carrot & Chick Pea Salad with Cumin Scented Shrimp.

SuperFood Spotlight:

A weekly post by DeliverLean Nutritionist, Alli Menor

            One of the newest additions to our social media is “SuperFood Spotlight.” SuperFoods are specific foods that are high in both nutritional and phytochemical content. Each week, I will take one of our meals and break-down all the nutritional benefits you will receive from consuming it. This week’s article will feature our “Moroccan Carrot & Chick Pea Salad with Cumin Scented Shrimp.”

This recipe has three ingredients that I find most impressive; cumin, cayenne pepper, and chick peas. Sometimes the spices are the healthiest components of the meal. Cumin for example, is a potent seed that is prominently used in Mexican, Mediterranean, Indian, Middle Eastern, and certain Chinese cuisines. Cumin has a high concentration of antioxidant compounds that provide numerous health benefits. Cumin has even been known to improve immunity, as it is extremely high in both vitamin A and vitamin C. It also increases your metabolism and improves the absorption of nutrients throughout your body.

Another spice used in this dish, with an abundance of health benefits is cayenne pepper. First and foremost, cayenne pepper has been known to increase metabolism. It also has a ton of health benefits in regards to the circulatory system, as it feeds the vital elements into the cell structure of capillaries, veins, arteries and helps adjust blood pressure to normal levels. Cayenne pepper is also very beneficial to heart health as well, considering it works to get rid of the bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

Finally, aside from the spices, this salad also contains a full serving of chick peas. The main reason I always recommend our clients consume chick peas is because they are very filling. They are the perfect natural appetite suppressant that will keep you full for long periods of time. This is because they are high in fiber, which is also great for digestive health. Individuals that consumed at least 28 grams of fiber per day are known to have better blood fat regulation, including lower levels of LDL-cholesterol, total cholesterol, and triglycerides.

The Moroccan Carrot & Chick Pea Salad with Cumin Scented Shrimp is included in Saturday’s menu plan, and is absolutely delicious. How could you say no to a dish that is jam-packed with so much flavor, and nutritional content?