Kler R’s DeliverLean Testimonial: About her love of DeliverLeans food and about “guilt-free” breakfast pancakes

When our customers come to our Boca Raton offices we love to put them on the spot and ask them for an impromptu video telling their DeliverLean story.

DeliverLean Guilt-Free Pancake BreakfastIn this video Kler another long time DeliverLean customer dishes about her favorite meals and breakfasts. She loves our meals especially our guilt-free pancakes!

DeliverLean hand delivers perfectly portioned gourmet meals to clients homes throughout South Florida.

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Sugar Rashad Evans initial “before” video. (before he started his training camp and using DeliverLean’s meals)

UFC MMA fighter and champ Sugar Rashad Evans trained for his latest fight using perfectly portioned gourmet meals from South Florida’s gourmet fresh diet meal delivery company DeliverLean.

Here is the video we shot with him the day he came in to our Boca offices to get started. This is the “before” video. For the “after” video to see how much weight he lost and how he liked training with DeliverLean see this video:http://youtu.be/wkoWYR9vD60

About DeliverLean:

DeliverLean hand delivers true 5-star gourmet meals FRESH in Florida from Jupiter south to Miami Beach. Meals are prepared by gourmet chefs who have cooked for presidents, heads of state and celebrities and now you.

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Bob’s journey to lose 100+ pounds on DeliverLean Gourmet Meal Delivery service part 1

Bob has been eating gourmet meals from DeliverLean for the last two weeks. He’s already lost 18 LBS. This is Bob’s DeliverLean story about weight loss and the reasons that motivated his decision to join DeliverLean.

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Boxing World Champion Jameel McCline trains with DeliverLean meals

Jameel McCline heavyweight boxing champion trains using meals from Boca Raton Florida meal delivery service DeliverLean (www.deliverlean.com).

Here Jameel shares his thoughts about DeliverLean in this video testimonial.

DeliverLean is the fastest growing fresh meal delivery diet service in Florida. Our fresh diet consists of gourmet meals, prepared fresh by true 5-Star gourmet chefs and hand delivered to your home or office.

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MMA Fighter Rashad Evans dishes about DeliverLean

This Saturday night Rashad Evans is fighting The Main Event on Fox TV. Rashad has been using DeliverLean as his training regimen before the event and is a big fan of ours. Here is Rashad’s testimony to how well DeliverLean has Sugar lean and mean!

Good luck on Saturday Rashad!

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MMA Coach Mike Van Arsdale for DeliverLean

MMA coach Mike Van Arsdale tells why DeliverLean meals are “unfair advantage” to competitive athletes. Learn why…

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