Corporate Health & Wellness

Why DeliverLean Meal Plans are Beneficial in the Corporate Environment

Employee wellness is the key to success for any company and it begins with what we put in our bodies. Our goal at DeliverLean is to provide a corporate meal plan that in return will help establish a culture of wellness in the working environment. Aside from our corporate delivered meals improving health, we are confident the results of incorporating corporate delivered meals into the workplace will boost employee morale, build a stronger working environment and increase productivity. Providing employees with a corporate meal plan presents a sense of encouragement to eat healthier and gives them the ability to live a healthier lifestyle. It´s about giving your employees an opportunity to take control of their health and DeliverLean is here to provide your employees with the perfect opportunity with our office meal plans. The more tools they have, the more efficient your workforce becomes. Help them impact their health and watch how they impact your bottom line results after introducing a corporate meal plan!

How DeliverLean Corporate Meal Plans Work

When you as an employer make the decision to provide your employees with invigorating corporate delivered meals, one of our corporate consultants will meet with you and provide you with samples of what you can expect from our delicious and healthy office meal plan options. Next, our consultant with gather the necessary information and discuss your current wellness program, if you have one and explain how DeliverLean´s corporate delivered meals benefit your current working atmosphere. This initial meeting is imperative in helping us determine what corporate meal plan will best suit your employees and ultimately help reach your company goals. After customizing your office meal plan, office delivered meals can either be delivered 3 times per week or we can provide a refrigerator rack and make them available to your employees on a self-serve basis. During our initial visit, corporate delivered meal pricing will be determined as well as cost savings based on soft/hard dollars. We also provide you access to our many corporate meal plan resources such as our own registered dieticians, nutritionists, chefs and as always the best customer service in the corporate meal industry.

How to Contact DeliverLean for Corporate Meal Delivery

DeliverLean is here to provide the building blocks to reconstructing healthy eating in the corporate environment and making the decision to implement corporate delivered meals for your employees is a great starting point on the road to success and a healthier lifestyle. Here at DeliverLean, we pride ourselves in offering healthy and delicious corporate meals plans to your employees. We know that in part with focusing on your company’s goals and aspirations along with our office meal plans the benefits you will receive will be remarkable in and outside the corporate working environment. So don’t hesitate, get your employees started now on the right track with our corporate meal plans. Contact us 888-740-LEAN we are waiting to hear from you!


Corporate Health

Peter Cianci
Corporate Sales Director

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