At DeliverLean our motto is “Live Better” because we want to improve clients’ quality of life by putting time back into their schedules so that they can spend it on people and activities that matter the most. When cooking is no longer a necessity, all of a sudden you have extra hours and extra energy to focus on other things. For those who are not DeliverLean clients yet, I wanted to share one simple tip that can help you improve the quality of your life and make you feel happier every day.

Begin by making a list of all things that make you smile. Start brainstorming on different topics. For example, it can be playing with your pets or kids, smelling your favorite candle, drinking a cup of gourmet coffee, watching a funny movie or working out. Find things that take a few seconds, like smelling flowers, and things that can take an hour, like taking a stroll in the park. The key here is to add up activities that fit a variety of schedules.

I do want to caution that eating a whole cheesecake or drinking a bottle of wine may seem like a happy activity, when instead it will make you miserable afterwards. Choose things that you can do that will make you feel great during AND after it. Do things that will make you feel loved and nurtured. When ready, copy the list and place it in several areas of your home or office.

Finally, set up an everyday reminder to let you know it is time to do something for yourself and then select one thing off your list. Ideally, you would do 1-3 items each day, but since schedules vary daily, do your best to find an item that fits a particular day best.

After consciously focusing on doing something for your health and wellbeing, you will notice that you are feeling happier!