Client’s Tips On Shedding Pounds


Just recently I met with one of our clients – Teresa, who has lost 35 pounds in 13 pounds! I wanted to learn more about her method of shedding the weight to share it with you for inspiration! So here it is:

In the past, Teresa was in a good shape, as she stayed active by playing sports. Then life got in the way, her lifestyle changed and the pounds piled up. It became a struggle to get the weight off and over time it felt discouraging and overwhelming to lose it. Before she knew it, she had health challenges and needed to make a quick turn-around. Luckily, a few months ago she saw the DeliverLean truck in traffic and after doing her research, she called us. 13 weeks later, Teresa is 35 pounds lighter and has no plans on slowing down. Besides her weight-loss Teresa is loving the side effects of her new lifestyle – new-found energy, smaller clothing and the fact that her doctor has decreased some of her medicines!

Her tip on going out to eat: Learn from DeliverLean’s portions and use them as a guide to portion-control your own meals when you go out. Weigh to go, Teresa!

PS. Want to hear Teresa talk about it herself? Here is the interview she gave to Sebastian Rusk from Social Buzz TV!