Why buying local produce is important


Buying local produce is one of the latest trends in the health world! There are now large sections in Whole Foods that feature local produce, and many restaurants are even beginning to offer from farm-to-table options. At DeliverLean, we are very committed to buying as many local products as possible! Here are our top five reasons why we believe everyone should try to buy local as often as possible.


Freshness and Sustainability

Local products don’t have to travel very far to reach your table, and due to the short transient time, you will receive the freshest foods available.  You can also reduce your carbon imprint because of the lower gas usage.



Because of the lower logistic costs, local products can be found at lower prices than the ones shipped from across the country. As a result, we are able to keep our own costs down and share these savings with you!


Supporting the community

When you shop local, you are supporting businesses that give back to your local economy with their taxes. As a result, those tax dollars go back to the support of your community and your local causes.


We help create jobs

When you support local businesses, you create more demand for their goods and therefore create more jobs to fulfill the demand.



Entrepreneurship is what America was built on and it is how we grow as a country. DeliverLean was founded by two passionate entrepreneurs and we want to support other businesses like ours. We hope you do as well!


Planning ahead – tips to save you time during the week


Time is money and at DeliverLean we are committed to helping our clients get the most of their day by providing them with nutritious food, thus freeing up hours from grocery shopping, cooking, measuring and packing. Today we want to share our tips and tricks that you can use at home to save you time and ultimately, money!

1. Cook Sunday – Eat All Week! The best way to save time is to spend 2 hours on Sunday on preparing your meals for the week. You can have all 4 stove burners and the oven cooking at the same time, so everything is done at the same time. Once the food is cooked, portion is out, place into to-go containers and refrigerate or freeze for later.

2. Buy pre-washed lettuces and veggies to use in cooking during the week. Yes, the pre-washed produce may be more expensive, but if buying it ensures you eat healthy meals instead of frozen TV dinners, then spend extra money on that produce. Research shows that we are more likely to reach for the veggies if they are all chopped and ready to be eaten.

3. Avoid seasoning your starches and proteins that you will be eating at home later. Leave the food plain and then season it when you are ready to eat. This way, a plain chicken and rice can become “Curry Chicken & Rice” on Monday, “Tandoori Chicken & Rice” on Tuesday, “Garlic Chicken & Rice” on Wednesday etc. This is also a great tool to satisfy several family members – let everyone pick their favorite herbs and spices to season their meals.

4. Use your blender and food processor. Want to save time on prepping? Use slicing and shredding blades for your veggies. For example, throw in simple ingredients like fruits, berries and some leafy greens into the blender for a filling and satisfying green smoothie. Dinner can also be done in minutes when you use time-saving kitchen tools.

5. Get some fast food! No, we don’t mean McDonalds. We are talking about true fast food – fruit. For a quick snack on-the-go, grab a banana (only 18 cents each, talking about money-saving!), an orange or an apple, or all three for a nutritious meal. Fruit is easy to grab-and-go and it is good for you!

5 Fat Burners You Can Do at Work


One of our favorite fitness trainers – Alana Cole, from Boca Raton, is here to share her top 5 Fat-Burning Tips that are perfect to do at the office.

A great way to increase your calorie expenditure during the day and improve your overall fitness is to MOVE YOUR BODY constantly throughout the day.

Heart Smart Minute Fitness Tip #1

Chair Squats:

Bring a stop watch or egg timer to work with you and every hour get up off your chair and do ONE MINUTE of chair squats. Simply start from a standing position and squat down until your butt lightly touches the chair and then stand back up. If this is too difficult for you, raise up your chair. Still too much…go over to a wall and do a wall squat as deeply as you can. Work up to one minute for either exercise. Do this hourly to see a huge improvement in your lower body fitness and muscle tone.

Heart Smart Minute Fitness Tip #2

Walk Around your Office QUICKLY:

Quickly is the key word.  Improve your cardiovascular fitness by walking as quickly as you can around your office for 2-3 minutes. Don’t be afraid of looking silly. Chances are your co-workers and boss will join you. This is a great way to build office camaraderie and what boss doesn’t want a happy workplace and a fitness focused one! Get this in hourly! It’s just 2 minutes.

Heart Smart Minute Fitness Tip #3

Chair Triceps Dips:

Work your way up to a minute of triceps dips and you will kiss those flabby arms goodbye. This is a great exercise for your core as well. Keep just in front of your chair with your hips bent. Elbows bend to 90 degrees and then extend back to the straight position. See how quickly your numbers increase after a week of doing this exercise.

Heart Smart Minute Fitness Tip #4

Lose Your Chair:

Get rid of your normal office chair and replace it with a large Body Ball. These balls are fantastic to improve your core fitness as well as balance. It works to stabilize your core muscles and even engages your quads as you work to stay stable on it. Strong core muscles are key to great posture and keep your stabilizing muscles in the lower back strong, especially as you age.

Heart Smart Minute Fitness Tip #5

Bring in the Weights:

Conference calls are a great time to get biceps curls in! Go to any fitness store and grab yourself a pair of 3-5lbs dumbbells, start slowly and work up to a minute of curls on each arm. My favorite bicep exercise is a drop set–start with the 5lb weight and do 10 reps on each arm, then immediately grab the 3lbs and go for 15 reps on each arm. Get 2mins in on this exercise several times a day and you will be shocked how quickly your biceps tone up.


Fitness is only half the battle, and it’s very easy to undo a great workout by eating the wrong foods. So when it comes to keeping the weight off, focus your attention on proper nutrition. A flat stomach is made in the kitchen, not in the gym. Here are 4 No Exercise Tips by one of our favorite fitness trainers, Alana Cole of http://www.HeartSmartMinute.com. They are great for keeping your weight off and  looking and feeling STRONG and HEALTHY!

Eat Every 3 hours: This may not sound like a way to lose weight but the truth is–it’s exactly how you lose weight. When you starve your body, you send it into “starvation mode,” and not knowing when your next meal will be, your body holds onto everything it has. Fat is necessary for brain and organ function, muscle is not, so your body begins to eat your muscle for fuel first, leaving the fat. Eat 3 healthy meals a day plus 2 small snacks to speed up your metabolism and prevent overeating.

Make Fruit and Veggies 50% of Your Plate: When it comes time to load up your dinner plate, make sure fruits and veggies take up the majority of the room. High fiber meals leave you feeling fuller longer and loaded with energy. Both are packed with vitamins and antioxidants to help you fight off infections, very helpful during cold and flu season.

Plan Your Meals: This is so important! I can’t stress enough the importance of planning your meals for the week. You are much more likely to hit the drive thru on your way home from work when you’re starving and have no clue what’s for dinner. Use the weekends to grocery shop and precook your food for the week. This way you know you have a nutritious meal waiting for you at home. Plus, by skipping the restaurants you’re saving your family hundreds of dollars.

Keep Track of your Rewards: A 1 minute meal can cost you an hour on the stairmaster! Ask yourself if it’s really worth it. If you want to eat a brownie that’s 300 calories go for it, but know it will cost you an hour of cardio to burn off. When you start to equate what you want to eat with having to work to burn it off you won’t eat nearly as much junk food.

Motivation advice from one of our clients


A few weeks ago I met one of our clients – Brett, and we had a great conversation about life, food and weightloss that I wanted to share with you. Heavy since he was a kid, Brett has tried it all – from conventional diet plans and fat-loss camps. Yet nothing helped long-term. Feeling alone and frustrated he would gain weight back almost as fast as he lost it, so he almost gave up on his journey until July 2012 when he learned about DeliverLean. Even though he was hesitant at first, Brett realized he got nothing to lose except for 300 pounds, so he signed up. After just 3.5 months into it he has shed 60 pounds and is motivated to continue on to reach his goal. Here are Brett’s 3 tips to staying motivated and losing the extra weight:

  1. Get support. Doing it alone is not fun. It is very hard and lonely. He attributes his success so far to DeliverLean’s team and coaching from our nutritionist. Brett knows that doing it together with other people who care about him gives him lots of strength.
  2. Get educated. Brett loves that DeliverLean’s meals are teaching him about portion control and balance. Now when he goes out he knows what his meals are supposed to look like, so he can still enjoy occasional restaurant food without overeating. He is also loving the taste of the food as it gets most of his cravings satisfied.
  3. Get moving. While it is 80% about the diet, it is also 20% about exercise. Brett has seen that working out just 3 times a week can boost the metabolism, increase muscle mass and help shed fat. But he does advise that (from his personal experience) working out with a trainer is much more motivating than doing it alone. He knows he is in great hands with the team from IMPACT Sports Performance in Boca Raton.